Best View Apartment Saint Spyridon

Item number: 1

The apartment is on the fifth floor, and there is no elevator as elevators are not permitted in any of the town's historic buildings. 

Minimum stay 3 nights.

Long-term stays allowed

Bedroom 1: 1 double bed   

Bedroom 2: 2 single beds 

Bedroom 3: 1 double bed

What this place offers

Hair dryer, towels, bed sheets, soap and toilet paper, hangers, iron

TV, Air conditioning, Heating, Fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Wi-Fi

Kitchen space where guests can cook their own meals, refrigerator, pots and pans, oil, salt and pepper, dishes and silverware, bowls, chopsticks, plates, cups, etc. oven, coffee maker

Private entrance, Balcony

Not included

* Security cameras on property    * Washing machine

* Smoke alarm        * Carbon monoxide alarm     


Please contact us for availability before you proceed with any booking & payment.

PLEASE SPECIFY: "QUANTITY" (total number of sleepovers) before proceeding to check out & payment